Have any questions during reading a Huawei product document? Leave your feedback on the Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website or HedEx Lite. Our document authors will reply to you and answer your questions within 2 and 10 working days respectively.


Feedback on the Huawei enterprise support website is a channel for users to provide their problems and suggestions. You can submit any problem or different opinion about a product document to the author on the Feedback page. The document author will reply to you within two days and solve the reported issue within 10 days.

1. You can click to rate the document, or select an answer for the question "Did you find what you were looking for?".

2. Enter your problem or suggestion in the text box and click Submit. The author will receive your feedback.

Submit Feedback

Method 1

Open a document on the Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website and click Feedback. On the displayed page, enter your questions or comments and click Submit.

Method 2

View your Feedback


Log in to the website and click My Huawei.


Select the Feedback from the left navigation pane, and click the submitted from the drop-down menu.