A document format, also called HedEx 2.0, which provides users with the document customization function.


ICS-Support is designed to improve user experience in searching for and obtaining documents. It’s features online document customization, multi-dimensional navigation, quick language switch, and online PDF document conversion, making it more intelligent for users to search for or obtain documents.

1、Online Document Customization

Customize documents online and quickly generate documents with simple operations.

Filter the data by Level 1 scenario, Role Type, or Feature Name.

Select document components as required.

Click Customize to edit the document online.

Click Revert to restore the edited document.

2、Multi-Dimensional Navigation

Refined navigation provides flexible and accurate document query.

Filter and navigate by task scenario.

Filter and navigate by task, role, and feature.

3、Quick Switch between Chinese and English

Switch the language between Chinese and English on the same page, which is convenient and fast.

4、Online PDF Document Conversion

Convert PDF documents online at any time, which is convenient and efficient.

Select the required chapters from the directory.

Click PDF to download the PDF document of the selected chapter.


How to Customize Documents Online?

Method 1: Customizing Chapters

Step 1

Open the ICS-Support document and click Customize Document on the home page.

Step 2

Select the Level 1 scenario, Role Type, and Feature Name to filter documents. The filtered documents are displayed in the Select Components list box.

Step 3

Select the required components and click Add to move them to Selected Components.

Step 4

Click Save to save the document to My Customization.

You can also click Customize to go to the document editing page.

Step 5

On the document editing page, do as follows:

Edit the title, font, and content of a document online.

Select a chapter and click the pen icon under Catalog to modify the chapter title.

Select a chapter, click the trash can icon under Catalog, and select Current node to delete the chapter.

Click Revert and then OK to restore the edited document.

Step 6

After the document is edited, click Finish. Specify whether the document includes third-party's trade secrets and click OK.

Step 7

Enter a manual name, for example, About Product, and click OK. The customized document is displayed on the My Customization page.

Step 8

Click the download icon to download the document in PDF format.

After the download is complete, you can view the document in PDF format.

Method 2: Customizing Document Content

Step 1

On the ICS-Support homepage, choose a document, for example, Learning More > Security Statement.

Step 2

On the Security Statement page, click the pen icon.

Step 3

On the editing page of the document, edit and customize the document.

How to Switch Languages?

1. Choose Select Language > Chinese on the homepage of ICS-Support to convert all documents into Chinese.

2. Switch the language of a document.

Step 1

Open a document, such as Document Package Information, to enter the document page.

Step 2

Choose Select Language > Chinese on the right of the page to quickly switch the language on the document page.

How to Convert a Document to a PDF Document Online?

1.To convert the required document to a PDF document:

Step 1

Choose a document, for example, Learning More > Document Package Information.

Step 2

Click the PDF icon on the top of the page to obtain the PDF document.

Step 3

You can also click Contents on the page, select a required document, such as Security Statement, and click the PDF icon to obtain the PDF document.

2.To convert a customized document into PDF document:

On the home page of the ICS-Support, click My Customization in the upper right corner. On the page that is displayed, click the download icon to download the document in PDF format.