Group Space User Agreement

1. General
1.1 Product definition: Group Space (hereinafter referred to as "the Group" or "this Community") is a knowledge community composed of various groups and was established by the Product Documentation Competence Committee of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huawei") to facilitate document delivery and management for Huawei engineers and customers.
1.2 The Group is owned by Huawei.
1.3 Users should carefully read this Agreement before using the Group Space services. Special attention should be paid to all clauses that are highly relevant to the rights and interests of users and involve the exemption or limitation of Huawei's liability.
1.4 A user of the Huawei carrier technical support website becomes a Group Space user after clicking Agree to this Agreement in Group Space. Users shall then be bound by this Agreement, including accepting any amendments and additions made by the Group to this Agreement at any time.
1.5 Users understand that this Agreement can be updated by the Group Space platform operation team. Users should carefully read the Agreement promptly after it is updated and follow any changes made. Users understand and agree that the Group Space is not obliged to notify each user individually. Notifications, announcements, declarations, or other similar content that is subsequently updated for user registration are part of this Agreement and all have the same effect.
2. Service content
2.1 No fee is charged for any network services provided by the Group Space.
2.2 The Group Space provides only network services. Users shall prepare the devices required for network services (including but not limited to personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices for gaining access to the Internet or mobile network) and pay for the resulting expenses (including but not limited to phone bills and Internet access fees, as well as the mobile phone bill for using the mobile network).
2.3 The Group Space account is associated with the Huawei carrier technical support website. Users who register on the Huawei carrier technical support website become official users and obtain certain user rights of the Community. This Community has the right to modify user rights.
3. Usage rules
3.1 When using the Group, a user must comply with the following principles:
  1. (1) Follow all network agreements, regulations, and procedures related to network services.
  2. (2) Do not use the Group to do anything that may adversely affect the normal operations of the Internet.
  3. (3) Do not use the Group to do anything that is unfavorable to Huawei.
  4. (4) Do not use the Group to transmit any illegitimate materials that could harass, smear, abuse, or intimidate others, or infringe upon others' intellectual property rights, etc.
  5. (5) Do not use the Group to upload documents that contain software, source code or restricted confidential content.
  6. (6) Do not use the Group to upload documents that contain materials of Huawei's counterparts.
  7. (7) Do not use the Group to upload materials without intellectual property rights or that have unclear intellectual property rights.
  8. (8) Do not use the Group to upload documents that contain carrier names or detailed networking information.
  9. (9) Do not to use the Group to upload advertising materials without substantiated content.
3.2 Users can release information according to the usage rules and principles of the Group. The released information, however, cannot contain any of the following content:
  1. (1) Content that opposes the basic principles defined by the Constitution or incites the resistance of or undermines the implementation of the Constitution, laws or administrative regulations;
  2. (2) Content that incites the endangerment of national security, disclosure of state secrets, subversion of the national regime, or sabotage of the socialist system;
  3. (3) Content that undermines national unity, national honor or national interests;
  4. (4) Content that incites ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, or undermines ethnic solidarity;
  5. (5) Content that contains fabricated or distorted information, or rumors or content that disturbs social order;
  6. (6) Content that spreads cult propaganda and content that compromises national religious policies, promotes feudal superstition, pornography, obscenity, gambling, violence, murder or terror, or instigates criminal activities.
  7. (7) Content that damages the credibility of government bodies;
  8. (8) Content that insults or slanders others or infringes upon the legitimate rights or interests of others;
  9. (9) Other content that violates the Constitution, laws or regulations.
3.3 Users shall not use the network service system for any illegal purposes, and shall not use the Group to do anything that could adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet or mobile network.
3.4 Users shall not use the online services of the Group to engage in any of the following activities:
  1. (1) Enter the computer information network or use the computer information network resources without permission.
  2. (2) Delete, modify, or add a computer information network function without permission.
  3. (3) Delete, modify, or add data or applications that are stored, processed, or transmitted in the computer information network without permission.
  4. (4) Deliberately create or disseminate destructive programs such as computer viruses;
  5. (5) Other behavior that could endanger the cyber security of the computer information network or interfere with the online services of the Group.
3.5 The Group solemnly reminds users that the Group only provides online services. Users shall bear all responsibilities for releasing or using any zip files, documents or other materials in the Group.
3.6 Users understand and agree that the Group has the right to supervise and review the behavior of users. If a user does not comply with this Agreement or violates national laws, regulations or policies, the Group has the right to make an independent decision on what action to take if the Group discovers inappropriate behavior through audits, complaints, or other means. At any time, the Group has the right to take all necessary measures without notifying the user in advance (including but not limited to deleting the uploaded content or removing and banning the user).
3.7 If a user violates the terms of this Agreement, disseminates rumors, reactionary messages or other information that violates national laws, regulations or policies, or infringes upon others' intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights or interests, Huawei has the right to use the Group’s system logs as evidence of violations of laws and regulations.
3.8 Users understand and agree to accept various information services provided by the Huawei carrier technology platform while using services in the Group. Users agree that the Group Space platform can send notification emails to them if necessary.
4. Privacy protection
4.1 The Group respects user privacy and strictly keeps all personal information that is appropriately acquired confidential. Users understand and agree to accept the Huawei Privacy Policy while accepting the services provided by the Group. The preceding Huawei Privacy Policy is an effective part of this Agreement and has the same legal effect.
4.2 Though the Group has taken great efforts to protect the privacy of users, the existing security technologies cannot ensure that user privacy is never compromised by any means. User information leakage caused by hacker or virus attacks is not the responsibility of the Group.
4.3 Without the user's permission, the Group shall not disclose or share any personal information that has been submitted for registration to any third party, except in the following situations:
  1. (1) Relevant laws and regulations require the Group to disclose information;
  2. (2) A judicial or administrative body requires the disclosure of information according to the statutory procedure;
  3. (3) The Group claims compensation or files charges, arbitration, or other legal procedures against a user to maintain its legitimate rights and interests;
  4. (4) A third-party rights holder claims compensation or files charges, arbitration, or other legal procedures against the Group when a user releases contents that infringe on the third-party's rights and interests;
  5. (5) A user gives authorization to the Group to disclose information;
  6. (6) To safeguard the interests of the public or disclose or edit personal information in accordance with the law.
5. Copyright/Intellectual Property Rights statement
5.1 The unique identifiers and layout design of the Group are all owned by the Group. Copying or forwarding such content without permission is prohibited.
5.2 In the event of malicious forwarding or sharing of Group content, the Group reserves the right to use the law to resolve such cases.
6. User commitment
6.1 Users promise to comply with the User Agreement when uploading and sharing documents to maintain harmony and compliance within the Group.
6.2 Users promise that any contents uploaded to the Group cannot directly or indirectly:
  1. (1) Infringe upon any third party's intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights or interests. This includes but is not limited to patent rights, trademark rights, copyright, neighboring rights, right of personal name, right of name, portrait rights, privacy rights, right of reputation, right of honor, or trade secrets.
  2. (2) Delete, conceal, or alter any trademarks, patents, copyright or other rights statements included in the Group;
  3. (3) Interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operations of any part or function of the Group in any way;
  4. (4) Avoid, try to avoid, or claim to be able to avoid any content protection mechanism or data measurement tool of the Group;
  5. (5) Use the Group in any form to infringe upon Huawei's commercial interests;
  6. (6) Disclose the personal information of other users without obtaining prior consent;
  7. (7) Violate any laws, regulations, or policies.
6.3 Users agree that if a user violates any of the above guarantees or other provisions of this Agreement, the Group has the right to disconnect or shield that user, reject transmission made by the user, delete contents uploaded by the user, or suspend or terminate the Group services based on the severity of violations. If the Group or its cooperation partners (hereinafter referred to as "we") face any complaints, reports, inquiries, claims, or litigation or suffer from reputational or financial losses because a user breaches the above-mentioned guarantees, the user should actively take all possible measures to ensure that the Group is exempt from the impact of the above-mentioned claims and litigation. At the same time, the user is responsible for compensating the Group for all economic losses caused by such incidents. If the Group bears any administrative penalties because of the user's misconduct or pays compensation for the user's infringement act, the Group has the right to hold the involved user liable and recover the losses.
7. Disclaimer and non-guarantee
7.1 Within the maximum scope permitted by law, the Group does not assume any responsibility for any special, accidental, direct or indirect losses caused by the use or unavailability of services provided by the Group, under any circumstances.
7.2 The Group does not provide any explicit or implied guarantee for the services provided. This includes but is not limited to ensuring that the services provided by the Group can meet the requirements of a user, services will be delivered in a timely and secure manner without interruption, or information obtained through the Group is accurate, intact, applicable, legitimate and high-quality.
7.3 Huawei shall not be liable for any losses or damages to documents of users or any third party. Huawei shall also not be liable for any damages caused to computer systems or other equipment, or the loss of data caused by downloading materials from the Group.
8. Liability of breach of contract
8.1 A user shall compensate Huawei for all losses caused by the violation of any national laws or regulations, or the stipulations of this Agreement, in order to negate the impacts.
9. Force majeure
9.1 If a user cannot use the services provided by the Group due to force majeure, the Group does not take responsibility for any user losses. Force majeure includes but is not limited to:
  1. (1) Natural disasters, such as typhoons, floods, and hailstorms;
  2. (2) Government actions, such as expropriation and requisition;
  3. (3) Social disturbances, such as strikes and riots;
  4. (4) Service interruptions caused by computer viruses, hacker attacks, or issues with Internet connections or communication lines.
10. Effectiveness and validity period
10.1 This Agreement takes effect after a user clicks "I have read the Group Space User Agreement and agree with it" and ceases to be effective when a user stops using the Group Space platform or if the Group disqualifies a user. After the termination of this Agreement, Articles 5 and 6 continue to be effective.
11. Legal application and dispute resolution
11.1 This Agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China and conflicting laws shall not be taken into consideration.
11.2 Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be settled through friendly negotiation between the two parties. If a consensus is not reached within 30 days, either party may appeal to the people's court of the region in which the Group Space platform is located.
12. General clauses
12.1 Users understand and agree that the Group Space platform operation team has the right to modify this Agreement as required. If a user does not agree to any changes, the user has the right to leave the Group and terminate the service relationship. If a user continues to use the services provided by the Group, this indicates that the user agrees to any Agreement modifications.
12.2 If any clauses in this Agreement are deemed invalid for any reason, these clauses do not affect the validity of other clauses. As such, invalid clauses shall be deemed to be non-existent from the point of becoming invalid.
12.3 The Group Space platform has the right to transfer any rights or obligations under this Agreement.
12.4 All titles in this Agreement are only for the convenience of readability and do not affect the meaning or explanation of any part of this Agreement.
12.5 Huawei reserves the right to interpret this Agreement. If you have any questions about this Agreement or need to contact the Group Space platform operation team, please email: hworld@huawei.com.
* I have read and agree to the Group Space User Agreement. I know that my personal information will be stored on a server in China.