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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

After the hardware and software of the base station controller are successfully installed, service capabilities of the base station controller must be tested to ensure that services are properly implemented according to the design requirements. In this scenario, Commissioning Guide can help you. This document provides guidance on commissioning the equipment, software, interfaces, and services of the base station controller to ensure normal service implementation.

2) Documentation Description

Commissioning Guide describes how to commission and verify the base station controller after the hardware installation and before service implementation.

For different network modes (GU, GSM, and UMTS) and controller models (BSC6900 and BSC6910), Huawei provides the following commissioning guides.

  • BSC6900 GU Commissioning Guide
  • BSC6910 GU Commissioning Guide
  • BSC6900 GSM Commissioning Guide
  • BSC6910 GSM Commissioning Guide
  • BSC6900 UMTS Commissioning Guide
  • BSC6910 UMTS Commissioning Guide

 2. Highlights


 3. Reference Documents 

Network Mode Product Solution Version Product Version Link
GU  BSC6900 SRAN15.1 V900R021C10 BSC6900 GU Commissioning Guide  
SRAN13.1 V900R020C10 BSC6900 GU Commissioning Guide 
SRAN12.1  V900R019C10  BSC6900 GU Commissioning Guide 
BSC6910 SRAN15.1 V100R021C10 BSC6910 GU Commissioning Guide 
SRAN13.1 V100R020C10 BSC6910 GU Commissioning Guide 
SRAN12.1  V100R019C10  BSC6910 GU Commissioning Guide 
GSM  BSC6900 GBSS21.1 V900R021C10 BSC6900 GSM Commissioning Guide 
GBSS20.1 V900R020C10 BSC6900 GSM Commissioning Guide 
GBSS19.1  V900R019C10  BSC6900 GSM Commissioning Guide 
BSC6910 GBSS21.1 V100R021C10 BSC6910 GSM Commissioning Guide 
GBSS20.1 V100R020C10 BSC6910 GSM Commissioning Guide 
GBSS19.1  V100R019C10  BSC6910 GSM Commissioning Guide 
UMTS  BSC6900 RAN21.1 V900R021C10 BSC6900 UMTS Commissioning Guide 
RAN20.1 V900R020C10 BSC6900 UMTS Commissioning Guide 
RAN19.1  V900R019C10  BSC6900 UMTS Commissioning Guide 
BSC6910 RAN21.1 V100R021C10 BSC6910 UMTS Commissioning Guide 
RAN20.1 V100R020C10 BSC6910 UMTS Commissioning Guide 
RAN19.1  V100R019C10  BSC6910 UMTS Commissioning Guide 



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