ECO6910 Commissioning Guide – Helping Verifying Controller Services

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

After the hardware and software of the ECO6910 are successfully installed, service capabilities of the ECO6910 must be tested to ensure that services are properly implemented according to the design requirements. In this scenario, Commissioning Guide can help you. This document provides guidance on commissioning the equipment, software, interfaces, and services of the ECO691to ensure normal service implementation.

2) Documentation Description

Commissioning Guide describes how to commission and verify the ECO6910 after the hardware installation and before service implementation.   


 2. Highlights




     Technical Poster:Deploying a built-in ECO6910




 3. Reference Documents  

Solution Version Product Version Link
eRAN 11.1
SRAN 11.1
ECO6910    V100R005C10 ECO6910 Commissioning Guide
eRAN 8.1
SRAN 10.1
ECO6910    V100R004C10 ECO6910 Commissioning Guide
eRAN 7.0
SRAN 9.0
ECO6910 V100R003C00 ECO6910 Commissioning Guide

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