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1. Application Description 

1) Service Description    

    Do you want to know which KPIs can be used to monitor the network in routine maintenance? If you do, refer to the KPI reference .  
2) Documentation Description

    For GSM networks, refer to GBSS KPI Reference.

    For UMTS networks, refer to RAN KPI Reference.

    For GU networks, refer to GBSS&RAN KPI Reference.

    For LTE networks, refer to eRAN KPI Reference

    For 5G networks, refer to 5G RAN KPI Reference. (Since SRAN15.1)

2. Highlights
    The KPI reference is structured clearly and briefly and has the following highlights:  
   1. Clear navigation and classification
        All KPIs are classified based on scenarios. Therefore, the searching is convenient.
    2. Convenient data acquisition
        The calculation formula for each KPI is provided, and all counters in the formula are from the Performance Counter Reference.  
    You can query subscribed counters to calculate the KPIs conveniently.
    3. Quick counter searching
        Links are provided for you to learn more about counters used to calculate the KPIs. You can click the counters to view detailed information, such as counter ID, name, meaning, and measurement points without the need of searching counters in the Performance
    Counter Reference.
3. Reference Documents

Network Mode Solution Version Link
GSM GBSS21.1 GBSS KPI Reference
GBSS20.1 GBSS KPI Reference 
GBSS19.1 GBSS KPI Reference
UMTS RAN21.1 RAN KPI Reference
RAN20.1 RAN KPI Reference 
RAN19.1  RAN KPI Reference
GU SRAN15.1 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference
SRAN13.1 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference
SRAN12.1 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference  
LTE eRAN15.1 eRAN KPI Reference 
eRAN13.1 eRAN KPI Reference 
eRAN12.1 eRAN KPI Reference 
5G  SRAN15.1 5G RAN KPI Reference


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