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uTraffic Product Documentation Improvement

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 The uTraffic product documentation has changed significantly. User-friendlybackground color and effective shortcut buttons co-work to build a brand newlayout. To be specific, the blue background replaces the boring black, white,and yellow background, the Home button enables users to return to the home page in one-click mode, and the Previous and Next buttons make page switching more conveniently.        


 Varioustables greatly enhance data operability.        

Freeze the table head to make data clear

 Sortand filter data to improve table interaction


 Hidecolumns to focus on desired data



Section-by-section display makes thedocumentation structure clear, overcoming information reading difficulties dueto long pages.        



The pictureamplification function enables users to browse clear large pictures just withmouse   movement.                 



Bulletin: Simple setting brings richexperience. For details, see the following attached. 

Document link

            To view the uTraffic productdocumentation, click Link.

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Good one 

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I come to this portal that looks promising while thinking of their experiments about documentation