[O&M Master] Troubleshooting the Packet Loss of the Ethernet Service

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If a large number of packets of the Ethernet service are lost, the Ethernet service is interrupted. Hence, if packet loss of the Ethernet service occurs, rectify the fault in time.

Probable Cause:

• The traffic is large and the bandwidth is insufficient.
• The bandwidth is sufficient but the burst traffic is large.
• With large traffic, the opposite equipment does not respond to flow control.
• The maximum length of the transmitted packet of the equipment is shorter than the actual length of the transmitted packet.
• The port mode does not match the port mode of the opposite equipment, and thus the port works in the abnormal state.
• Network cables or optical fibers fail.
• The board hardware is faulty.


1. Check the settings of the Ethernet port.
• The port mode of the equipment must match the port mode of the opposite equipment. Furthermore, if one end is in the fixed working mode, the other end cannot be in the auto negotiation mode.
• The port rate of the equipment must match the port rate of the opposite equipment.
2. Query the RMON performance events and locate the fault according to these events.
3. Check whether the SDH-side service contains bit errors or have other problems that affect the transmission performance of the SDH side.
4. Check whether the service configuration is correct.
5. Check whether the connections of network cables or optical fibers are loosened.
6. Check whether the fault is rectified. If the fault persists, replace the ISU board.

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Dear Folks,

Its quite simple troubleshooting steps to avert or recover packet loss in the Ethernet traffic.
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Anyone working/maintaining optical transport network?
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Thanks for share your information
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Can we check history of RMON performance.

For example, i created EoS service using EAS2 card and customer complain they observed packet 2 days ago. Can we check past history performance of Packet Loss ?