Hedex Lite and PFD documents

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Hi Community,

Maybe someone has the same need.
When surfing documentation using the Hedex Lite Tool, suppose I am in "CLI-based Configuration" section, and I find some information I need to support compliance of some feature. Is there an easy way to access the same document but in PDF format in the support site of Huawei Enterprise?. I do not mean to print in PDF format the document I have viewed in Hedex Lite Tool, I mean to be redirected to the support site section where to find the same document in PDF format, ready to be downloaded.


Mengli  Senior 
1 year 8 months ago
Hi there,
Unfortunately, now we can only view the document online. It cannot be downloaded in PDF format.
We have created a RM ticket (ticket#: 201805168417) to escalate your demands to website admin to handle with.
If the ticket is approved, this function will be available in the future.
Any further assistance needed from our side, please feel free to leave us the message. This post was last edited by Alex.Ming at 2018-05-16 11:41.