[Troubleshooting Guide] Troubleshooting GPON ONUs fail to go online

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What Is a GPON ONU Failing to Go Online?

A failure to go online is also called a registration failure.

After the ONU is powered on, it initiates registration to the OLT and establishes a management channel with the OLT. The OLT can manage and configure services only after the ONU goes online.

Fault Locating

On the OLT, run the display ont info command to query whether the ONU Run State is "offline"
huawei#display ont info 0 3 0 0   
F/S/P                   : 0/3/0   
ONT-ID                  : 0   
Control flag            : activeRun state : offline......

According to the query result, the Run state of the ONU is "offline", that is, the ONU is failure to go online.

What is GPON ONU online process?

How to troubleshooting GPON ONU fails to go online?

Please click to view:      https://support.huawei.com/carrier/docview!docview?nid=DOC1100479156


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I hace y6 2019 and instaled uber driver but de app stop