[Invitation] 2014 Huawei User Group Meeting

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Dear Colleague,

Please accept our invitation to make an experience based presentation at this year’s Huawei User Group Meeting.

If you accept our very sincere invitation, you will be joining a group of peers speaking on User Experience Differentiation and High-Quality User Experiences.

I have no doubt that, as an industry leader, the benefits of your organization’s knowledge and your insights will be greatly appreciated by an audience of operators from around the world.

The 2014 Huawei User Group will be held in Shanghai from 09-12 June. As established last year, the annual User Group Meeting is designed to address resolution of improvement projects involving Wireless, Core Network, MBB Backhaul and Network Energy operators. Collocation of the event with GSMAs Mobile Asia Expo is intended to further enhance the value of your time in Shanghai.

The event actively engages operator participants through open discussion and networking. In this environment, the impact of your perceptions will be further expanded through knowledge sharing with an increased number of Huawei specialists and immediate access to first-hand resources in our Shanghai R&D center.

Our primary objective at the User Group is the improvement of our products and services in direct response to customer feedback. By providing a forum for you to voice your questions, concerns and perceptions, our intention is to learn how we can work better together as we continue to support development of the entire mobile broadband industry.

Please let your Huawei Account Manager know if you are interested in sharing your views at the User Group and we will be delighted to help finalize arrangements and provide added details. With your involvement I know we will all enjoy a mutually rewarding event.

On behalf of Huawei, I very much look forward to greeting you in Shanghai!

Ryan Ding

CEO, Carrier Network Business Group, Huawei


Ryan Ding
President of Products&Solution, Huawei

Li Zhengmao
Vice President of China Mobile


Jan Oeljeklaus
Head of Access Engineering Vodafone Germany

Henry K.H.Wong
Senior Vice President of PCCW

2013 Huawei User Group Meeting Highlights

At the 2013 User Group meeting more than 300 representatives from 103 operators came from 68 countries to share their experience and insights. We all benefited from outstanding keynotes given by operators from China, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, North America, Africa and Australia. After the two-day conference, customers visited Huaweis Shanghai R&D Center where they toured product and solution exhibition hall. They were also able to take LTE field vehicle and maglev train demo tours, hands-on experience Huaweis latest products and solutions.

2013 Huawei User Group Meeting Report

Day 1 @ Huawei User Group Meeting 2013

For more on the 2013 event, please click here.

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