The Two Major Huawei Wireless Events of 2014

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The Two Major Huawei Wireless Events of 2014

Mark Your Calendars and Engage Your Customers Today!
This year, Huawei and Shanghai host both the User Group and the fifth Global MBB Forum. At a time when the early experiences and scale of LTE deployments in China achieve record industry levels and command worldwide attention, these two events provide added incentive for you to engage different customer levels; not once but twice in the great city of Shanghai.

With Shanghai as a base for the User Group and for the Global MBB Forum, your customers can benefit from direct interface with a majority of Huawei Wireless leaders, plus in-depth engagement with a maximum number of experts at Huawei’s highly advanced R&D Center.

Both events offer exceptional networking opportunities; with operator director level peer groups at the User Group in June and then with other leading C- and VP-level executives at the Global MBB Forum in early November.



9-12 June
Jing An Shangri-La, Puxi, Shanghai

An operator partner experience driven event designed to improve the ways in which Huawei communicates and responds to technological deployment and operations needs on a daily basis.

Key Objectives:
  • Listening to our customers’ voices and working together to complete viable action plans in response.
  • Communicating the latest innovation roadmaps through PLM and R&D
  • Encouraging global customer networking for increased sharing and ongoing cooperation
3-6 November
5-star Hotel TBD, Shanghai

A leading ecosystem event actively involving leading operator executives, key industry players including OTT, chipset providers, regulators, associates, senior analysts and senior Huawei executives.

Key Objectives:

  • Streamlining MBB value growth opportunities through open discussion of pioneering ideas and experiences
  • Interacting and engaging with MBB thought leaders to establish essential support technology and optimal business models for continued growth and exceptional user experiences
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Attractive event to attend!
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This document is very well done