Security Management of Huawei DNS

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Security management guarantees the security of the DNS by means of user classification and privilege management.

Security management includes the user management, command group management, and password management functions:
  • User
    management: The system supports addition, deletion, and modification of
    a user. The account, password, operation time limit, and operation
    rights can be set and modified. The operation time limit is the
    lifecycle of a user account. Operation
    rights are defined by assigning command groups for users.
  • Command
    group management: The system divides commands into groups according to
    certain rules, G_0 to G_11 are default command groups in the system.
    Users can define a command group to meet requirements. For example,
    users can set the name of a command
    group and define a new command group.
  • Password management: The
    system supports the setting of password policies, which can increase the
    complexity of the password and enhance the system security.

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