Configuration Management of Huawei DNS

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The configuration management functions of the DNS include the
settings of operation parameters and maintenance management functions.
Configuration management includes operations such as addition,
deletion, modification, and query of DNS parameters. The settings of DNS
parameters can be modified without the system running being

The DNS provides the following configuration management functions:
  • Setting of DNS parameter setting.
  • Configuration of the slave DNS.
  • Configuration DNS.
  • Configuration of zones
  • Configuration of resource records.
  • Configuration of the domain name resolution view.

Maintenance management provides routine maintenance means.
The DNS provides the following maintenance management functions:
  • Process management.
  • Configuration check.
  • Domain name buffer cleanup.
  • Configuration saving.
  • BIND software version query.
  • Domain name test.
  • Performance statistics query.
  • Server running status query.

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