Quickly Learning the License Control Item Description of LTE TDD

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1. Application Description
1) Service Description
 A license is a contract in which a supplier authorizes operators to use certain functions of purchased products for a limited time. The license control items are classified as follows: 
Capacity license (hardware license): represents the hardware specifications and processing capability of the network equipment.
Feature license (software license): consists of Basic Software license and Optional Feature License.
Before using a license, you may need to understand the following information:
  • Mapping between all license control items and the controlled objects
  • License type, license control item ID, and license control item name

2) Documentation Description
(1) One License Control Item Lists document of the eRAN TDD corresponds to a product version and covers all the license control items in this version. License Control Item Lists provides three tables that list the capacity licenses, feature licenses, and multi-mode feature licenses.
  • Items in the capacity license table
License Control Item ID

License Control Item Name
Supported NE Type

  • Items in the feature license table and multi-mode feature license table
 Feature ID

Feature Name

License Control Item ID
License Control Item Name

Supported NE Type

(2) If you want to learn more about the hardware capacity license and the license for the basic software package, obtain and view License Management Feature Parameter Description.
2. Highlights
1) Versions earlier than eRAN6.1 TDD:
No license control item list is provided, which is inconvenient for customers to search for license information. Customers do not know how to use the obtained license.
2) eRAN6.1 TDD and its later versions:
License Control Item Lists is added to describe the mapping between licenses and features.

3. Reference Documents


 Product  Version  Link
 eRAN TDD  eRAN TDD 15.1  License Control Item List
 License Management
 eRAN TDD  eRAN TDD 13.1  License Control Item List   
 License Management
 eRAN TDD  eRAN TDD 12.1  License Control Item List
 License Management


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