[Telepresence Communication] Bringing you and Huawei closer, no matter how far t

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[Telepresence Communication]

Bringing you and Huawei closer, no matter how far the distance

Contactor: roc.lidapeng@huawei.com or yanli.yan@huawei.com

 On September 4, 2014, Huaweis overseas representative office and Huaweis Shanghai office organized a workshop through Huaweis telepresence system about wireless OSS documentation.

The customer supervisor thoroughly appreciated the workshop and asked to provide their employees in other departments with an additional workshop on September 16.

Below are photos taken during the workshop. Notice the poster on the left-hand side on the whiteboard. Customers have praised it saying the layout was very well organized, easy to read and very useful during the workshop. 

More than 25 customer representatives from different departments joined the workshop.

We communicate with them in an efficient and relaxing atmosphere concerning documentation architecture and improvements.

Should you be interested in hosting and/or attending such workshops with us, please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a dedicated workshop for you at your earliest convenience.

Wirelees Network Contactor: roc.lidapeng@huawei.com 

Wireless OSS Contactor: yanli.yan@huawei.com


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