Alarm/Event Help for Base Station Controllers --- Your Troubleshooting Helper

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1. Application Description
1) Service Description

  • When a live network is faulty, the system reports an alarm to provide information about the fault. In such a situation, field engineers must manually clear the alarm, rectify the fault, and restore services as soon as possible. Alarm Reference provides the basic alarm information, reporting and clearing mechanisms, and basic handling operations. With alarm reference, O&M engineers can quickly rectify the fault.    
  • An event refers to the notification information generated on a product. An event does not indicate a fault, and it does not need to be processed manually. Events are used to notify O&M engineers of what has happened. Event Reference  provides the basic event information, generation mechanism, and possible causes.
2) Documentation Description
For different network modes (GU, GSM, and UMTS) and base station controller models (BSC6900 and BSC6910), Huawei provides the following alarm and event references:
  • BSC6900 GU Alarm Reference and BSC6900 GU Event Reference    
  • BSC6910 GU Alarm Reference and BSC6910 GU Event Reference    
  • BSC6900 GSM Alarm Reference and BSC6900 GSM Event Reference    
  • BSC6910 GSM Alarm Reference and BSC6910 GSM Event Reference    
  • BSC6900 UMTS Alarm Reference and BSC6900 UMTS Event Reference    
  • BSC6910 UMTS Alarm Reference and BSC6910 UMTS Event Reference
The GSM and GU alarm references provide information about all alarms reported on base station controllers, including controller alarms and base station alarms.
  • Controller alarm: alarms related to base station controllers. By alarm attribute, controller alarms are classified into device alarms, transmission alarms, GSM service alarms, and UMTS service alarms.    
  • Base station alarm: alarms related to base stations. By base station model, base station alarms are classified into alarms of BTS3900 series, BTS3X alarms, BTS3001C alarms, BTS3002C alarms, and alarms of BTS3000 series. (Note: Controller alarms and events include alarms and events of the GBTS. For details about alarms and events of eGBTSs, see Base StaionAlarm/Event Reference.
            The UMTS alarm references provide information about all alarms reported on the RNC, only including controller alarms. For details about alarms of NodeBs, see Base StaionAlarm/Event Reference.
2. Highlights


   3. Reference Documents 

Network Mode Product Solution Version Product Version Link
GU BSC6900 SRAN15.1 V900R021C10 BSC6900 GU Alarm Reference
SRAN13.1 V900R020C10 BSC6900 GU Alarm Reference
SRAN12.1 V900R019C10 BSC6900 GU Alarm Reference
BSC6910 SRAN15.1 V100R021C10 BSC6910 GU Alarm Reference
SRAN13.1 V100R020C10 BSC6910 GU Alarm Reference
SRAN12.1 V100R019C10 BSC6910 GU Alarm Reference
GSM BSC6900 GBSS21.1 V900R021C10 BSC6900 GSM Alarm Reference
GBSS20.1 V900R020C10 BSC6900 GSM Alarm Reference
GBSS19.1 V900R019C10 BSC6900 GSM Alarm Reference
BSC6910 GBSS21.1 V100R021C10 BSC6910 GSM Alarm Reference
GBSS20.1 V100R020C10 BSC6910 GSM Alarm Reference
GBSS19.1 V100R019C10 BSC6910 GSM Alarm Reference
UMTS BSC6900 RAN21.1 V900R021C10 BSC6900 UMTS Alarm Reference
RAN20.1 V900R020C10 BSC6900 UMTS Alarm Reference
RAN19.1 V900R019C10 BSC6900 UMTS Alarm Reference
BSC6910 RAN21.1 V100R021C10 BSC6910 UMTS Alarm Reference
RAN20.1 V100R020C10 BSC6910 UMTS Alarm Reference
RAN19.1 V100R019C10 BSC6910 UMTS Alarm Reference
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