How to Find NBI Documentation

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How to Obtain NBI Data Documentation

Macro Northbound Interface Data Documentation

SRAN7.0  SRAN8.0 SRAN8.0_Legacy Model SRAN9.0  SRAN9.0_Legacy Model
GBSS14.0 GBSS15.0 GBSS15.0_Legacy Model GBSS16.0 GBSS16.0_Legacy Model
RAN14.0 RAN15.0 RAN15.0_Legacy Model RAN16.0 RAN16.0_Legacy Model
eRAN3.0 eRAN6.0 eRAN6.0_Legacy Model eRAN7.0 eRAN7.0_Legacy Model

Small Cell Northbound Interface Data Documentation


RAN15.0  RAN15.0_Legacy Model 
RAN16.0  RAN16.0_Legacy Model 


 eRAN6.0        eRAN6.0_Legacy Model  eRAN7.0  


 SingleRAN8.0 LampSite   RAN15.0 LampSite                                                   eRAN6.0 LampSite 

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