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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

During network planning, you need to determine the traffic model and know hardware specifications. Where can you obtain the information?

How do you plan hardware configuration of a base station controller? How many cabinets, subracks, and boards does the base station controller need? How about the power consumption?

During network capacity expansion, how can you calculate the added hardware quantity? Are licenses required for the added hardware?

During network planning and capacity expansion, how can you plan the configuration for spare parts?

Configuration principle documents provide answers to all the questions above. With the documents, you can easily complete hardware deployment.

2) Documentation Description

Configuration principles for base station controllers are categorized by product model, including BSC6900 Configuration Principle (Global) and BSC6910 Configuration Principle (Global).

Either of the two documents contains configuration principles of base station controllers in GSM, UMTS, and GU modes.


2. Highlights

Where can you find answers to the preceding questions in configuration principles?

1. Traffic models and hardware specifications are included in section "Appendix." You can adopt a hardware configuration mode depending on the traffic model.


2. Hardware configuration principles for network planning and the typical configuration examples are included in section "Product Configurations."


3. Hardware expansion modes and examples are provided in section "Expansion and Upgrade Configurations."


4. Configuration principles for spare parts are included in section "Spare Parts Configuration." You can calculate the number of spare parts for network planning and capacity expansion.


3. Reference Documents 


Product SolutionVersion Product Version Link
BSC6910 SRAN12.1 V100R019C10 BSC6910 Configuration Principle (Global)
SRAN11.1 V100R018C10 BSC6910 Configuration Principle (Global) 
BSC6900 SRAN12.1 V900R019C10 BSC6900 Configuration Principle (Global)
SRAN11.1  V900R018C10  BSC6900 Configuration Principle (Global) 


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