ECO6910 Upgrade Guide

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

Before upgrading the ECO6910 on the test bed or live network, the operation and maintenance (O&M) engineers must obtain the upgrade guide of the target version. The O&M engineers then can perform the upgrade according to the controller upgrade guide. The upgrade operations are classified as follows:

  • Version upgrade
  •  Patch installation
  • Version upgrade + patch installation

Engineers need to perform upgrade operations strictly following instructions in the upgrade guide.

2) Documentation Description

  • The upgrade guide details the upgrade and rollback procedures for the ECO6910 and also provides the precautions used before and after an upgrade.
  • The upgrade guide describes the upgrade and rollback procedures in the perspective of upgrade path, including all upgrade paths to the target version and the corresponding upgrade methods. Different operations in different upgrade paths are listed in a table. The descriptions are not distinguished for the following operations: version upgrade, patch installation, version upgrade+patch installation.


If the target version is V100R003C00SPH605, the V100R003C00SPH605 upgrade guide describes all methods used to upgrade a source version to this target version, without distinguishing whether the version upgrade, patch installation, or version upgrade+patch installation is performed. In practice, the upgrade guide of target version includes the procedure for installing a patch (for example, upgrade from V100R003C00SPC600 to V100R003C00SPH605) and the procedure for upgrading a version that involves patch installation (for example, from V100R002C01SPC200 to V100R003C00SPH605).

2. Highlights


3. Reference Documents

Contact the local Huawei technical support.

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