ECO6910 Reconfiguration Guide – Facilitating Your Network Optimization

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description 

After the network system is in use, with the system operating and maintenance, and the increasing number of users served by the network, the service performance of the live network gradually deteriorates.

In this scenario, the optimization and maintenance engineers need to analyze live network conditions, and perform addition, modification, or deletion operations on the network. Reconfiguration Guide describes the procedure for optimizing configurations of the live network in different scenarios.  

2) Documentation Description  

For different configuration adjustment scenarios, Reconfiguration Guide provides the corresponding operation guide:

  • Reconfiguring the ECO6910: describes how to add or remove a clock board, an EGPUa board, an interface board.
  • Interface Capacity Expansion: describes how to expand the capacity of configured interfaces.
  • Reconfiguring the data: describes how to optimize the service data.

2. Highlights




3. Reference Documents 

Solution Version Product Version Link

eRAN 7.0

SRAN 9.0

ECO6910 V100R003C00

ECO6910 Reconfiguration Guide 02

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