WLAN Feature Parameter Description

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1.Service Description

Multiple features need to be configured for a new network. The WLAN feature library shows you how to determine features to be configured, how to configure them, implementation principles, and impacts on networks and features in use.

2.Documentation Description

The WLAN feature library contains the following information:

Feat   Feature  changes

 Describes all new and enhanced features of different R versions.

Impl   Implementation  principles

 Des  Decribes the background to introduce a feature, feature definition, feature gains, and involved algorithms.  

Net    Network impact

 Describes the impact of feature activation on network capacity and performance.

Engi  Engineering  guideline

 Describes feature activation scenarios, data collection and preparation before feature activation, activation observation, deactivation, monitoring, and performance  optimization.

 The feature parameter description library structure is as follows:

 3. Reference Documents






 WLAN5.0 Feature Document



 WLAN6.0 Feature Document



WLAN7.0 Feature Document

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