Initial Configuration Guides for ECO6910-- Helping You Prepare Initial Configura

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 1. Application Description

1) Service Description 

During network deployment, data configuration scripts need to be prepared based on hardware configuration, network planning data, and interconnection data negotiated with other devices before a successfully installed ECO6910 is commissioned. After the ECO6910 is commissioned, calls can be made or received. The process of preparing data scripts is referred to as initial configuration.
2) Documentation Description  

The process of preparing the data configuration script for an ECO6910 consists of the following procedures: 

  • Configuring equipment data 
  • Configuring interface data
  • Configuring service data  

2. Highlights 



3. Reference Documents 

Solution Version Product Version Link

eRAN 7.0

SRAN 9.0

ECO6910 V100R003C00

ECO6910 Initial Configuration Guide 02

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