Communication Matrix for ECO6910 --- Your Ports Manager of Huawei Equipment

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

If you want to understand  system ports in daily work, or to obtain port information during operation and maintenance, or to provide system ports in use for the third-party personnel, the Communication Matrix provides descriptions about ECO6910 ports. The communication Matrix can provides the following purpose:

  • To provide guidance for network planning engineers to make a data plan for site deployment and capacity expansion.
  • To provide guidance for security maintenance personnel to make a network security plan for the ECO6910 system.
  • To assist configuration or commissioning engineers in quickly obtaining system port information during device interconnection.
  • To extend the security management scale by covering information about all internal and external ports of the ECO6910 system.

2) Documentation Description

Huawei provides the following Communication Matrix:

  • Stand-alone ECO6910 Communication Matrix
  • Built-in ECO6910 Communication Matrix            

 2. Highlights





3. Reference Documents 

Product  Solution Version  Version  Link 
ECO6910  eRAN 11.1 V100R005C10  Stand-alone ECO6910 Communication Matrix
SRAN 11.1 Built-in ECO6910 Communication Matrix
eRAN 8.1 V100R004C10  Stand-alone ECO6910 Communication Matrix
SRAN 10.1 Built-in ECO6910 Communication Matrix
eRAN 7.0 V100R003C00  ECO6910 Communication Matrix
SRAN 9.0

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