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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

Data configuration scripts about a universal switching unit (USU) must be available before you commission the USU. How can you prepare the data configuration scripts for the USU?

First, obtain USU-related network planning data, including:

·         Hardware configuration planning, such as cabinet, subrack, slot, and port planning

·         Transmission networking planning, such as layer-2 or layer-3 networking planning and IP address planning

For details about how to plan USU data during network design, see USU Configuration Data Planning.

Second, based on the onsite tools and USU quantity, prepare the data configuration script following operations described in USU3900 Initial Configuration Guide or USU3910 Initial Configuration Guide.

2) Documentation Description

The following information helps you quickly get familiar with the initial configuration guide:

1. USU3900 Initial Configuration Guide and or USU3910 Initial Configuration Guide include instructions of configurations performed using the Configuration Management Express (CME) and man-machine language (MML) commands. You can view required instructions based on the configuration mode.


2. The process of preparing the data configuration script for a USU consists of the following procedures:

a) Configuring device data

b) Configuring transmission data

3. During preparation of data configuration scripts, common operations performed on the CME are described in the prerequisites.

  • You can press F1 on the keyboard to view detailed information about common operations performed on the CME, such as such as creating a planned data area and verifying configuration data consistency.
  • You are advised to get familiar with the CME tool positioning methods, working principles, and usage instructions in CME product documentation in advance.

2. Highlights

a. Links to key parameter descriptions and MML commands serve as a reference for data planning.


b. Complete steps instruct you to perform operations step by step.


3. Reference Documents

Product Version Link
USU3910  V100R015C10 USU3910 Initial Configuration Guide
USU3910  V100R013C10 USU3910 Initial Configuration Guide
USU3910  V100R012C10 USU3910 Initial Configuration Guide
USU3900  V100R015C10 USU3900 Initial Configuration Guide
USU3900 V100R013C10 USU3900 Initial Configuration Guide
USU3900  V100R012C10 USU3900 Initial Configuration Guide



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