CCR(inital) request decrease after swap fro Old GGSN9811 to new UGW9811

YangVanny  Medium  (1)
5 years 8 months ago  View: 993  Reply: 1

Dear All,

after we swapped from old SGSN to new UGW, from KPIs monitoring, we noticed that the is a reduction on number of CCR(inital) request to OCS of Alcatel-Lucent (ICC) as compare to old GGSN (see the graph in attach)

please share your idea, what might be the root causes?

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c00239635  Junior 
5 years 8 months ago

It is hard to locate the fault based-on just one snapshot.

Yet, the general way of orientation is as follows:

First, observe if the number of subscribers or throughput is decreasing at the same time duration before cutover.

If there is decrease, then confirm if there was a subscribers cutover done.

If there is no decrease on the number of subscribers, then observe the average online time of subscriber is increasing, and if the number of UGW-initiated deactivating requests has changed.

And, if the previous two performance counters changed, that means there are frequent activations due to subcribers with poor access to service. Then, check the cause of change in the number of deactivation.

There is one more possibility, that is if there is fake deactivation scheme deployed for restraining the activation of subscribers with unpaid bills under the circumstance of failure to activate the subcribers with unpaid bills.

If the fault still can not be located, please collect the necessary info and contact the R&D team.

Hope this could help, or you can contact local support first.