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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

Reading the release notes of a version is important before you use the version.

The release notes describes version requirements for related network elements (NEs), version compatibility, resolved issues compared with the earlier version, and summary of version changes (which draws the most attention).

2) Documentation Description

You can obtain required information from the release notes as follows:

1. Obtain information about the version requirements, software versions, hardware versions, and version compatibility.

2. Obtain information about version changes.

Note: The release notes provide the summary of version changes. For details, see the corresponding delta description.

3. Obtain information about the resolved issues (compared with the earlier version) and impact of upgrades on the current version.

4. Obtain the websites of downloading related documents.

2. Highlights

a. Simple and brief contents, facilitating information query

b. Provision of links for obtaining additional documents, facilitating document acquisition

c. Release and update with the product version, facilitating description synchronization

3. Reference Documents 





USN9810 V900R013C00

USN9810 V900R014C10

Release Documentation

Release Documentation

UGW9811 V900R013C00

UGW9811 V900R012C10



Release Documentation

Release Documentation



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