WLAN Basics

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1.Application Description

1) Service Description

With the rapid increase in the number of mobile broadband users and data service traffic, the slow transmission rate of traditional cellular networks has become a bottleneck for achieving further mobile broadband growth. The wireless local area network (WLAN) technology features low cost and flexible networking, and supports high-speed wireless data access and an open spectrum. More and more carriers are using WLANs as a supplement to their 2G/3G mobile networks, which have high transmission costs.

Huawei WLAN solution allows mobile user equipment (UE) to access the Internet using WLANs, which take over bandwidth- intensive services, such as video and high-speed downloads. This process reduces costs and alleviates traffic pressure on mobile networks.

2) Documentation Description

You may have the following questions about WLAN:

  • What are the positioning and characteristics of WLAN products?
  • What are the working principles of WLAN product features? 
  • Where can I find the document about the hardware structure of WLAN products?
  • Where can I learn about the specification information of WLAN products?
  • Where can I learn about the ports, auxiliary equipment, and cables of WLAN products? 

The answers to all those questions can be found in WLAN Solution Description.



3.Quickly obtaining the documents

 Product  Version Link 
 WLAN  WLAN5.0  WLAN5.0 Solution Description
 WLAN  WLAN6.0  WLAN6.0 Solution Description


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