eNodeB(TDD) Hardware Installation Guide

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1.  Application Description

An installation guide provides implementation engineers with detailed information about the appearance, installation method, and installation precautions of distributed base stations, LampSite solution, micro base stations, and Cloud BB.

  • A distributed base station is mainly composed of the baseband unit (BBU) and remote radio unit (RRU). DBS3900 involves the following auxiliary devices: power cabinet APM30H, transmission cabinet TMC11H, battery cabinet IBBS200D or IBBS200T, indoor mini box IMB03, and OMB cabinet. Two basic modules and auxiliary devices can be flexibly combined to provide comprehensive site solutions for different scenarios, meeting customer requirements. 20160330120957534001.png
  • The LampSite solution is a wireless indoor multimode extensive coverage solution developed by Huawei for indoor hot spots expansion and coverage hole filling. It consists of the BBU, RHUB3908, and pRRU3901. With a simple architecture, the LampSite solution can be flexibly deployed with low costs and therefore it applies to multiple scenarios. 20160330120957994002.png
  • Micro base stations refer to modules such as the BTS3205E or Dock. The BTS3205E provides signal supplement for coverage holes and capacity expansion for hot spots and applies to both indoor and outdoor scenarios. The BTS3205E features low power consumption, low requirements on site selection, simplified installation, and fast deployment. 20160330120958783003.png
  • In the Cloud BB solution, multiple BBUs are interconnected using a universal switching unit (USU) to form a baseband array. This enables unified dispatching and collaboration of cells served by different BBUs, such as the inter-cell single frequency network (SFN) and coordinated multiple node transmission/reception (CoMP). 20160330120958760004.png


2.  Highlights

The installation process is divided into three parts: collection of information required before the installation, installation implementation, and operations after the installation, as shown in the following figure.  


3.  Reference Documents

Macro/Micro Installation



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