USN9810 Version Delta Description

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

  • Network planning: Changes of product specifications, functions, and interfaces are important information for network planning. You need to know about the information before starting network planning.
  • Secondary development: You need to collect data related to equipment, such as traffic statistics and alarms. If the data changes, you need to adapt your system to the data before an upgrade to ensure that the system can run properly after the upgrade.
  • Network entry test: Changes and impacts must be tested in the network entry test phase.

To meet your application requirements, we provide documents that describe differences between versions and impacts of these differences. These documents are called Version Delta Description.

2) Documentation Description

Based on the actual scenarios and customer requirements, the Version Delta Description provides comprehensive classification of changes and related descriptions.

2. Highlights

To meet your application requirements, we are motivated to continuously improve the quality of the Version Delta Description documents.

Achievements we have made for the Version Delta Description documents (PS9.1&10.0)

  • Complete and detailed descriptions about general impacts and feature impacts
  • Detailed descriptions about scenario-specific changes in alarms, commands, software parameters, licenses, and call detail records (CDRs) and analysis on impacts of changes
  • Detailed descriptions about compatibility impacts
  • Clear-cut descriptions about capacity impacts
  • Detailed descriptions about changes in security management functions

Improvements to be released (PS10.1 and later versions)

  • Enhanced classification ofchange records-service-level version delta description improvement

  • Retrieval of NE type-based changes in convergence scenarios

3. Reference Documents






USN9810 V900R013C00

Version Delta Description

USN9810 V900R014C10

Version Delta Description

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