UGW9811 Alarm Handling Document

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

An alarm is reported to notify people of an equipmentexception that exists or will occur.

To ensure normal running of the equipment, we must quickly find equipment exceptions and perform troubleshooting in a timely manner. Therefore, learning about alarm information and handling alarms are of great significance.

The alarm reference provides alarm information and helps you conveniently learn about equipment running status and exception handling situations.

2) Documentation Description

The alarm reference provides all alarm information of the equipment, including hardware alarms, software alarms, fault alarms, and warnings. In addition, alarm causes and handling methods are provided in the document.

2. Highlights

In the alarm reference, the following important information is clearly presented, thereby quickly instructing you to use the document.

l Alarm description

Each alarm is explained clearly to deepen customers understandings on the alarm.


l Alarm attribute

The alarm attribute is introduced in the alarm reference. This helps you know the severity of an alarm and pay corresponding attentions.


l Alarm parameter

Alarm-related parameters are described in detail so that you can comprehensively understand the parameters.


lImpact on the system

The alarm reference introduces the possible worst impact of an alarm. Therefore, you can assess network conditions and prepare rational solution and adjustment measures.


lPossible causes

The alarm reference provides possible causes to an alarm to help the customer identify the root cause and work out an optimal solution.


lHandling procedure

The alarm reference describes operations for handling an alarm, providing guidance for you to handle alarms easily and conveniently and rectify equipment parameter exceptions quickly


3. Reference Documents

 Product  Version  Link
 UGW9811  V900R010C01  Alarms Handling
 UGW9811  V900R011C00  Alarms Handling
 UGW9811  V900R012C10  Alarms Handling

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