LampSIte Configuration Principle – Guide for Base Station Deployment

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Application Description 

1) Service Description 

When you design a network with the base station type specified, have you ever encountered with the following questions?
1. What kinds of BBU boards and RF modules must be configured for a base station working in GSM mode, UMTS mode, LTE mode, NR mode, or multimode?
2. What is the physical topology of the pRRU? How can the pRRU be configured?
With LampSite Configuration Principle, you can conveniently configure devices (such as BBU boards, RF modules, and site auxiliary materials) and licenses according to required types and quantities.

2) Documentation Description

LampSite Configuration Principle describes how to configure a LampSite base station, including newly deployed sites and inventory sites to be upgraded.
This document also helps you quickly and accurately find related documents if you want to know detailed information about the base station during the configuration.
This document does not cover specifications. If you want to know the specifications, see LampSite Technical Description.
This document does not cover hardware and cable appearances. If you want to know the appearances, see 3900 & 5900 Series Base Station Hardware Description.
When using LampSite Configuration Principle, you may require information about hardware, boards, or module specifications. In this case, see other hardware-related documents, as shown in the following figure.


Reference Documents
Product            Version      Link  
LampSite Configuration Principle V100R012C10 DBS3900 LampSite Configuration Principles   
LampSite Configuration Principle V100R013C10  DBS3900 LampSite Configuration Principles  
LampSite Configuration Principle  V100R013C10  DBS5900 Lampsite Configuration Principle
LampSite Configuration Principle  V100R015C10 DBS3900 LampSite & DBS5900 Lampsite Configuration Principle
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