USU LMT User Guide

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1.Application Description 
1) Service Description
If you need to locally deploy a site, locate the fault, or troubleshoot a base station, you can perform O&M operations on the LMT. The LMT provides the following functions: MML command execution, alarm/event management, tracing management, monitoring management, and equipment maintenance.
The LMT is classified into Java LMT and Web LMT. You can visit the homepage of the Java LMT after the installation package of the LMT application program is installed. The WebLMT does not require program installation and can be directly opened after you enter the base station IP address in the address box of the browser.
LMT User Guide describes LMT service functions and GUIs and provides guidance on LMT operations.
You can view LMT User Guide in either of the following ways:
1. Query the document in the product documentation package in HedEx format.
2. Log in to the LMT and click the online help.
2) Documentation Description
Huawei supports the following  LMT User Guide:
USU3900 LMT User Guide
USU3910 LMT User Guide

2. Highlights
Complete information
All GUI operations are detailed in the document.

Ease to use
Parameter descriptions are provided for each function on the LMT, helping users better understand and use the LMT.

Easy to find
1. You can conveniently view the LMT online help by logging in to the LMT and clicking Help on the upper-right part.

2. You can click an LMT function and press F1 on the displayed page to obtain the LMT help for this function.

3. You can obtain the entire HedEx CD-ROM as follows: Click Obtain Documentation List on the upper part. Then, in the displayed dialog box, double-click the name of the document package and click Export.

3. Reference Documents 
USU3910 V100R015C10 USU3910 LMT User Guide
USU3900 V100R015C10 USU3900 LMT User Guide
USU3910 V100R013C10 USU3910 LMT User Guide
USU3900 V100R013C10 USU3900 LMT User Guide
USU3910 V100R012C10 USU3910 LMT User Guide 
USU3900 V100R012C10 USU3900 LMT User Guide
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