LMT User Guide(LMT Online Help)

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1 Application Description
1) Service Description
    LMT User Guide, applied to the Web LMT environment, describes functions and GUIs of Web LMT services and provides guidance for users operation on the Web LMT. 
    LMT User Guide, also called LMT Online Help, is a Web LMT manual. The application scenarios are as follows:
    LMT User Guide is a part of the product documentation package, and same as other documents, can be found in the HedEx package.
    LMT Online Help is a part of the Web LMT software installation package and is installed with the software installation package. You can view LMT Online Help after logging in to the Web LMT.
2) Documentation Description
    Huawei provides the following user guides:

    ? ECO6910 LMT User Guide

2 Highlights
  2.1 Quick access
    As long as you log in to the Web LMT, you can view the LMT online help without performing any download operations. There are two ways to view help information.
    2.1.1 Log in to the Web LMT, click Help.
    The LMT online help information is displayed.

2.1.2 Open the tab page of a function, and press F1.
    The LMT online help information about this function is displayed.

2.2 Convenient searching
    Online help information is highly complies with the GUI, and is displayed according to GUI design logical order. In addition, Online help information is classified based on the application scenario.

2.3 Ease use
    Parameter description is provided for each function on the Web LMT. This help users better understand and use the Web LMT.

      In the operation guide part, operations that are abstract and difficult to understand are illustrated with tables. Therefore, you can comprehend the operations easier.

3. Reference Documents 

Solution Version Product Version Link
eRAN 11.1
SRAN 11.1
ECO6910    V100R005C10 ECO6910 LMT User Guide
eRAN 8.1
SRAN 10.1
ECO6910    V100R004C10 ECO6910 LMT User Guide
eRAN 7.0
SRAN 9.0 
ECO6910 V100R003C00 ECO6910 LMT User Guide

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