ECO6910 Performance Counter Reference

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

A performance counter defines the measurement items of a measurement object and can be used for network performance assessment, network optimization, and fault detection. 

The following concepts help you better understand a performance counter:

  • Object type: (also called measurement object) a physical entity or logical entity, such as radio cell, RNC, and Iu interface.
  • Function set: a set of multiple function subsets with the same attributes, for example, the function set HHO-related measurement items consists of two function subsets: hard handover measurement <RNC> and hard handover measurement <cell>.
  • Function subset: (also called measurement unit), a set of measurement counters with the same attribute, for example: the function subset of Ethernet port measurement refers to statistics of different types of traffic over an Ethernet port.
  • Counter: (also counter timer), data that must be collected for a measurement, such as number of requests and service traffic.
  • The following figure shows the relationship between the object type, function set, function subset, and counter.

2) Document Structure

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