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Tired of the same old feature documentation homepage, year after year?




For your viewing pleasure, convenience, and consideration, we present two designs for our new feature documentation homepage.


Which homepage is better? You decide!


The more popular homepage will be adopted by the 2015H2 wireless feature documentation.

Option 1

Design Concept

Based on the customer requests, two categories of information, including hot features and new/enhanced features, are directly displayed on the homepage.

Layout Design


1. In this version, the hot features are graphically displayed. You can click the FPD links below the graphics to explore the features.

2. The new/enhanced features are clearly displayed on the homepage, which simplifies the interface.

3. All feature-related information, including Technical Poster, Change, License, and FAQ, is displayed on the homepage.


Interface Display


Option 2


Design Concept

Before you open the homepage. Do you want to know:

    1.   Any improvements of the new version? What are these improved features.

    2.   What are the new and enhanced features of the new version? What benefits can they bring?

Layout Design


The  homepage contains three tab pages: Improvments, New Features, and Enhanced Features.  

1.  The Improvments tab page displays the features that are most valuable to customers in terms of coverage, capacity, performance, and user experience. It also provides FPD links for customers.

2. The New Features and Enhanced Features enable the existing customers to quickly view improved features, and provide FPD links as well as descriptions of feature impacts on the network.


Interface Display

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nklsureshkumar nklsureshkumar  2 years 8 months ago

great Doc 

k00242294  Gold 
4 years 4 months ago

Option 1 is visually more attractive, but it should be informative as well. Also feature documentation should include any depandancies in all nodes.

nklsureshkumar  Platinum 
2 years 8 months ago
Good Info