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1. Application Description

As a part of cloud BB solution, USU3900(or USU3910) provides capacity improving and OPEX saving for operators by connectting BBUs.

  • Centralized BBU for TCO Saving inclouds site space saving, energy saving and O&M simplified.
  • BBU coordination will deployed firstly in LTE high load network.


2. Highlights of the Library

The library of USU3900 has below basic contents:


The library of USU3910 has below basic contents:


3. Reference Documents


 Solution Version Product Name Product Version  Link
 SRAN 11.1  USU3910  V100R011C10  USU3910 Product Documentation
 SRAN 10.1  USU3910  V100R010C10

 USU3910 Product Documentation

 SRAN 11.1  USU3900  V100R011C10  USU3900 Product Documentation 
 SRAN 10.1  USU3900  V100R010C10

 USU3900 Product Documentation 

 SRAN 9.0  USU3900  V100R009C00  USU3900 Product Documentation 


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