USU Spare Parts Catalog

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

Spare parts are parts reserved to replace the original parts.

To shorten downtime due to equipment repair and facilitate equipment maintenance, proper spare parts management is crucial. The target of spare parts management is:

Meet the requirements of equipment maintenance and repair and improve equipment reliability, maintainability, and cost-effectiveness with minimum investment and rational storage, thereby obtaining optimal management efficiency.


The following information makes your spare parts management efficient and cost-effective:

A. Spare parts have different recommendation levels, indicating different procurement periods. Based on the recommendation levels, you can store and order spare parts scientifically and rationally to prevent overstock or shortage.

B. You may encounter the problem that a part code cannot be found. This is because that a more ideal Huawei part is developed to replace this part. Pay attention to the substitution or out-of-production information, then you can have the optimal spare parts solution.


 2) Documentation Description

The following spare part manuals are provided:

USU: USU3900, USU3910

The spare part manual provides the following information based on maintenance scenario requirements:

A. Version mapping information for each spare part, helping you analyze and estimate the stock amount of spare parts  

B. Detailed spare parts information such as parts name and description, enabling you to quickly and conveniently find a specific spare part  

C. Substitution and out-of-production information, enabling you to conveniently obtain the latest spare parts status

2. Highlights

1) The spare parts list contains the Spare Part  Class(SPC) for each spare part,facilitating spare parts preparation.

2) The parts are classified by unit type and their locations in cabinets are shown in figures. Therefore, you can quickly obtain the part location.

Documents :




USU3900 Spare Parts Catalog


USU3910 Spare Parts Catalog

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