HedEx Lite V200R002C10 Release Announcement

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1 Overview

   HedEx Light is lightweight client software that requires minimal disk space and memory and no installation; it helps maintenance personnel to easily access and manage relevant documents and tools--many useful functions are even available offline.

2 Highlights

1. Supports quick, accurate, and comprehensive search.

2. Centrally manages Huawei product documents.

3. Convenient annotation function.

4. Convenient document feedback function.

5. Automatically recommends product documents.

6. One-click login to Huawei Support Website for Carriers or Enterprises.

7. Easy to manage various applications by Huawei.

8. Simple. Easy to use and no installation is required.

3 New Features of HedEx Lite V200R002C10

1. The cloud search function is deployed for quick search for information on local computers, Operators Support, and Enterprise Support without opening a browser.

2. The search performance is enhanced by optimizing the search algorithm.

3.The fuzzy search algorithm is optimized to search for commands, events, and alarms more precisely, easily, and comprehensively.


4.Software startup is sped up. Specifically, initial startup upon multi-library load is improved.

4 Download HedEx Lite and Supporting Documents

        Client softwar
                 HedEx Lite V200R002C10(size: 10.7 MB)
        Supporting materials:
                 HedEx Lite-Obtain Huawei Documents Easily V5.5
                 HedEx Lite V200R002 Training Material 
                 HedEx Lite V200R002C10 Upgrade Guide

5 Help Channels
        If you have any questions concerning the use of HedEx Lite, please turn to a Huawei field engineer for technical support, or call Huaweis customer service hotline, or compress the log folder under the HedEx Lite menu and send the package to the email box of Huawei customer service center:support_e@huawei.com

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