OSS Alignment with Process

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Huawei Managed Services Unified Platform (MSUP) is a best practice driven architecture, driving organizational mapping, process, and operation support system to deliver operational excellence services to customers. As a component of the MSUP, Operation Support System (OSS) plays an important role to support the service delivery. With the presence of service-oriented E-iNOC system, the processes defined in MSUP can be standardized and easier to follow. In addition, the multi-vendor capability of the E-iNOC system helps ensure the operational Operation Procedures can be carried out in different technologies or environments.

Operational process is a series of procedures which provides guidance on how to deliver a certain service to the customer. The processes are general principles, and the standardization of the processes will make them easier to comprehend and follow. For example, when a project has just been launched or still at its early stage, the new staff may not know what to do when a service outage has occurred, or how to handle a complaint. In OSS system, the procedures are incarnated into actions like clicking on a button, or filling in a certain fied. In this way, the procedure becomes visible and concrete in the system, and easily be followed. Through operating on the system, staff will understand the meaning of the procedures and master the process faster. Also the system will ensure that the process being followed exactly, with no deviation of its purpose.

On the other hand, E-iNOC is developed with the capability of supporting multi-vendor and multi-technologies. The system can adapt to various environments and provide End-to-End network assurance and service quality perception. From the service perspective, E-iNOC can cover every corner of the O&M processes. Take fault management process as an example, E-iNOC provides service desk management system, fault management system and workforce management system to cover every procedure in the process. Through the E-iNOC system, standard operation procedures in MSUP can be applied to different technologies or environments, ensuring a stable and consistent service delivery.

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