USU Hardware Maintenance Guide

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

After USU commissioning is complete and the system is put into use routine maintenance of hardware components is performed to ensure proper service processing. During routine maintenance, components that are confirmed faulty are replaced.

In this case, you need to use USU Hardware Maintenance Guide. This document provides guidance on replacing USU hardware components (such as the board, cable, or box) that are confirmed faulty to ensure normal service processing.

2) Documentation Description

USU Hardware Maintenance Guide describes how to replace and maintain hardware components that are confirmed faulty after hardware is installed and services are activated.

Huawei provides the following documents for different site types.

·         USU3900 Hardware Maintenance Guide

·         USU3910 Hardware Maintenance Guide

2. Highlights

1) Separated descriptions of replacing different components


2) Module replacement example

3. Reference Documents





V100R010C00 and later versions

USU3910 Hardware Maintenance Guide



USU3900 Hardware Maintenance Guide



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