DSP2F Voice Server for Wireless Trunking Applications

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The DSP2F module is a high-speed, digital signal processing module specialized to do AAL2-to-AAL5 conversions. These capabilities make it ideal in wireless backhaul applications at the MSC end in environments where Lucent’s proprietary HDLC-based Packet Pipe is used. Assuming the traffic arriving at the PSAX in the MSC has a mix of analog voice and Packet Pipe, from, for example, a remote PSAX with DSP2E modules, the analog voice can be handled in a DSP2D module, while the Packet-Pipe traffic can use the DSP2F.

The DSP2F module has eight DSP resources exclusively supporting either GSM, FEC, or Packet Pipe voice/data channels for wireless applications. This hardware configuration supports processing for 672 connections, providing 84 connections per DSP resource. All of the DSP channels (resources) must be configured with the same DSP Mode.