RG+SID-specific Quota Application of UGW9811

abrahim  Diamond  (1)
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On the UGW9811, the granularity for online charging credit control can also be RG+service identifier (SID). The more refined credit control based on RG+SID enables the UGW9811 to identify both the tariff and the ongoing service. Compared with the RG-specific credit control, the RG+SID-specific credit control enables the UGW9811 to implement control over different services which are charged with the same tariff, implementing service-specific credit control with the more refined granularity of RG+SID.

The quota application granularity on the UGW9811 must be the same as that on the OCS server. Otherwise, the UGW9811 will deactivate the subscribers PDP context/EPS bearer.

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6 years 6 days ago
What is SID?
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6 years 7 days ago
 Very useful documents ...... Thanks.