Introduction to PPPoE Application

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PPPoE is widely used in ADSL broadband access applications. Generally speaking, a host must be installed with PPPoE client dialing software in order to access the Internet via ADSL. The Eudemon serves as PPPoE Client (namely the PPPoE client dialing function) while Eudemon supplies PPPoE Server function, by which the user can access the Internet without installing client dialing software on his PC. Moreover, all PCs on the same LAN can share the same ADSL account.

Figure 1: Typical PPPoE networking diagram


As shown in, Figure 1, PCs in the Ethernet are connected with the Eudemon. PPPoE Client runs on the Eudemon. On-line data reach the Eudemon before being encapsulated via PPPoE. The ADSL Modem that is attached to the Eudemon reaches ADSL access server and finally access the Internet. In this way, the Internet accessing is realized without additionally installing PPPoE client dialing software by the user.

In addition to the functions of PPPoE server, Eudemon can serve as a PPPoE Client.

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