Troubleshooting experience: Hype on IuPS traffic at SGSN after loading permanent

selim.hasan  Diamond  (1)
5 years 11 months ago  View: 976  Reply: 1

Root cause:
Since the new license removed Gx/Gy few of the license, so the board of UGW will be reset. After board reset, all GTP tunnel were broken between USN and UGW. When USN found the GTP tunnel down, USN would try to create GTP path between USN and UGW by GTP V1 first. If GTP V1 was failed, USN would tried with GTP V0.

As GTP V0 does not support one tunnel, So, some user would create PDP by Two tunnel. After the board back to normal. The GTP V1 path would be normal. So, new user would use the one tunnel. But, the old users who used two tunnels could not update to one tunnel until the users deleted the PDP context and created a one PDP. That is why scenario was found. Mainly the traffic switched and the MPLS side ports got increased traffic due to the shifting of board reset of UGW

ahleemon  Platinum 
5 years 11 months ago
nice document. thanks!