Primary/Secondary Configuration Device

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In load balancing mode, there are two master devices on the network. Users can enter a lot of commands on the two master devices. When one of the master devices fails, you should take the following into consideration:

  • How to backup information

  • What to backup

  • In which direction to backup

To avoid confusion during backup, Eudemon firewalls are grouped into primary configuration devices and secondary configuration devices. The primary configuration devices send the backup contents and the secondary configuration devices receive the backup contents.

The following should be met for a primary configuration device.

  • In the VRRP management group, only the firewall that is in master state can have the chance to be the primary configuration equipment.

  • In load balancing mode, both Eudemon firewalls that take part in dual-system hot backup are master devices. In this case, the primary configuration device is selected based on actual IP addresses of interfaces (in descending order).

To assure the stability of the primary configuration device, the primary configuration device is fixed unless it fails or quits the VRRP backup group.

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