BaseStation KPI Reference-Network Performance Indicator

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1. Application Description
1) Service Description
In routine network maintenance, we use KPIs to determine the network quality because they reflect the network performance straightforwardly. The KPIs are used as basis for network maintenance and optimization.
2) Documentation Description
KPI Reference helps you learn about KPIs used in routine network maintenance.
KPI Reference provides the following information:

  • KPI descriptions in different scenarios, enabling you to check KPIs as required    
  • Monitoring principles for each KPI, helping you understand the KPI monitoring process    
  • Counters under each KPI, enabling you to know KPI-related information
     For LTE networks, refer to eRAN KPI Reference.

     For 5G networks, refer to 5G RAN KPI Reference.

   2. Highlights

The KPI referenceis structured clearly and briefly and has the following highlights:
Convenient to search: All KPIs are classified by service scenario. This makes KPI searching convenient and quick.
Detailed description: KPI functions and monitoring principles are introduced in KPI description and related KPI information such as calculation formula and associated counters are provided in KPI definition. This enables you to comprehensively understand the KPIs.
Easy to understand: The flowchart and description are used to introduce KPI monitoring principles vividly, helping you understand the principles.

3. Reference Documents
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