Micro Base Station Communication Matrix

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Application Description

1) Service Description

During base station initial configuration or reconfiguration, customers will query the communication matrix document before configuring the security gateway. They will compare the port configuration in the communication matrix document with the whitelist and blacklist to ensure that ports in the whitelist allow data to pass through whereas ports in the blacklist forbid data to pass through.

2) Documentation Description

There are four types of micro base stations: BTS3202E, BTS3203E LTE, BTS3902E WCDMA, and BTS3803E WCDMA. BTS3202E and BTS3203E LTE are LTE base stations, and BTS3902E WCDMA and BTS3803E WCDMA are UMTS base stations. Each type of micro base station provides a communication matrix document for your reference.


1. Clear classification

Documents are classified by the type of communication equipment, faicilitating the search for the communication port between two pieces of equipment.


2. Easy identification

The initiating party of a communication is highlighted in blue in this document.

Reference Documents

Product Name Product Version Link
BTS3202E V100R010C10 BTS3202E Communication Matrix(V100R010C10_Draft A) 
V100R009C00 BTS3202E Communication Matrix(V100R009C00_01) 
V100R008C00 BTS3202E Communication Matrix(V100R008C00_01) 
BTS3203E LTE V100R009C00 BTS3203E LTE Communication Matrix(V100R009C00_Draft A) 
V100R006C00 BTS3203E LTE Communication Matrix(V100R006C00_Draft B) 
BTS3902E WCDMA V100R009C00  BTS3902E WCDMA Communication Matrix(V100R009C00_03) 
V100R008C00  BTS3902E WCDMA Communication Matrix(V100R008C00_03) 
V200R014C00 BTS3902E WCDMA Communication Matrix(V200R014C00_02)
BTS3803E WCDMA V100R009C00 BTS3803E WCDMA Communication Matrix(V100R009C00_Draft B)
V200R015C00 BTS3803E WCDMA Communication Matrix(V200R015C00_03)
V200R014C00 BTS3803E WCDMA Communication Matrix(V200R014C00_01)
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