Setting GTP Path Detection Parameters in PS domain

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lSGSN V8 and SGSN V9:
pIf path detection with GTPv1 messages fails, the SGSN uses GTPv0 messages for detection. The detection mechanism and fault determination mechanism are the same for GTPv1 and GTPv0 detection.

lGGSN V8 configuration command: SET GTP

lGGSN V9 configuration command:
pEcho: a GTP path management parameter.
pgtp-support: indicates supported GTP versions and private attributes.
pt3-timer: specifies the interval at which echo messages are retransmitted and the number of retransmission attempts.
ppath-down-process: indicates the method with which the GGSN9811 processes activated PDP contexts
on a GTP path after the path turns to down.

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