PDU Notification: Request/Response/Reject

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1. The GGSN receives the PDP PDU and prepares to initiate the Network-Requested PDP Context Activation procedure.
2. The GGSN sends a Routing Information for GPRS (IMSI) message to the HLR. The HLR returns a
Routing Information for GPRS
Ack (IMSI, SGSN Address) message to the GGSN.
3. The GGSN sends a PDU Notification Request (IMSI, PDP Type, PDP Address, APN) message to the SGSN. The SGSN returns a PDU Notification Response (Cause=Request Accepted) to the GGSN. If the PDP context activation proceeds after the PDU Notification Response, but the PDP context was not established, the SGSN sends a PDU Notification Reject Request message (Cause=Invalid message format) to the GGSN. After receiving this message, the GGSN discards the T-PDUs stored on it.

4. The SGSN instructs the MS to activate the PDP context.

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